Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gobble for St. Mary's!

        This week at St. Mary's for the Thanksgiving theme my group was assigned to the Special Projects Group. Once we arrived at St. Mary's the Cortland students did the usual of observing two students on a specific motor skill. This week's skills that needed to be assessed were kicking and dribbling. After the opening games were complete it was on to see what Special Projects had in store for the Athletic Alliance. I was very unsure of what to expect for the lab means our group was new to Special Projects, but it ended up being a lot of fun. The group was asked to go around and ask the Cortland students how he/she was enjoying his/her experience at St. Mary's so far. When the group members were able to get many responses we reported back to our group "typist" who typed the responses into a Word document to begin. After, we had to create a newsletter from the responses we were given, but only a few were used.   

        The Special Projects Group also gets to experience the games other groups are playing with the St. Mary's students. All of the games I was able to participate in were extremely fun and different. It was good to see the games also were tied in with the Thanksgiving theme as well. The time spent in the gym was a good opportunity to observe how the St. Mary's students reacted to games presented by the Cortland students. All of the students responded well to the games presented by the Cortland students as they showed excitement in the activities. The games developed a competitive atmosphere for the oldest group of St. Mary's students, which was great to witness. I am getting a great sense of what age to expect competition to develop. To conclude the day our group did a game, a song, and a chant. I was in charge of the chant where we all started whispering "gobble" and worked our way up to a very loud chant. With only one more lab at St. Mary's left the road is quickly coming to an end.

***Click here to view my Lab 5 assessment sheet!

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