Thursday, November 3, 2011

Give a Fist Pump for Lab C!

      For Lab C, the topic was international games and the students had to choose a game from outside of the United States. When deciding on a topic the students had to share the game with another classmate because one student was in charge of teaching middle school, while the other taught high school. Each student had 10 minutes to teach the class the important aspects of his/her international game. I had the middle school level and had to relate my teaching material around that age group. During my lesson, I wanted to teach the Fistball serve and set, but I ran out of time to teach the class setting. Lab C was a great experience because I was able to learn many new international games to later incorporate in my classroom.

       In Lab C, I think I did many things well and was definitely proud of the improvement I have made over the course of the semester. The first thing done well was bringing everyone in facing the wall, so the students were away from any possible distractions. I remembered to say my signal for attention to the class, which in Lab B I completely forgot. It is important to establish a signal for attention because the students will then be aware when to stop and listen to further instructions. Another aspect to my lesson I remembered to say in Lab C was my safety statement. These are vital to every lesson as it provides the potential hazards a student may face during the activity. My hook was pretty good because I got a positive reaction from my students. When I asked the class if they had siblings most raised his/her hand. Then, when I asked if they ever got in an argument with their sibling and wanted to take out their anger, many of them chuckled and replied "oh yeah". During the use of my PowerPoint, I was really able to cover the historical facts of Fistball and provided solid information. In my demonstration, I was able to express the Fistball serve by displaying the skill in slow motion, with and without the equipment, and different angles. When the activities began I did well getting around to the students to provide feedback. The feedback consisted of using names, specific to the cues, and I was able to give feedback to over 50% of the students. In the closure, I had the students say the cues to a Fistball serve and had a student to come in front of the class to properly demonstrate the serve.
       Within a lesson there will always be strengths a teacher displays, but he/she may stumble upon a few weaknesses. In Lab C, I learned a huge lesson because when I wanted to show the class a YouTube video on Fistball the video would not cooperate. The entire video was already uploaded, but when I jumped a minute into the video it started uploading all over. The video would keep pausing to load and this really frustrated me, but I continued with my lesson. I learned to download the video to my computer beforehand, so this will never happen to me again. Another aspect of my teaching I need to work on is the projection of my voice. Based off feedback given to me, my voice was not projected enough to be clearly heard. It is a part of my teaching I will certainly try to improve upon to better myself. One idea I had going into the lesson was incorporating intra-task  variation within an activity, but it completely slipped my mind. Intra-task variation provides the students with a new challenge as the teacher can adjust the activity to make it easier or harder for a student/students.

      In conclusion, Lab C was a great learning experience that will prove to be beneficial as I progress towards our final lab in EDU 255. I believe the information I provided to my students was the best yet and I will keep improving with practice. With Lab D quickly approaching, I am looking forward to teaching the class step aerobics.

 Click here to view the following forms : Lesson Plan, Activity Progression, Time Coding, Content Development, Feedback Form, and Verbal Transcript.


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