Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa Visits St. Mary's!

        With the conclusion at St. Mary's, I would like to thank all of the staff and children providing me with the opportunity to observe in the school. It has been a great six labs with several learning experiences I can reflect upon to further benefit my education career.Having the ability to observe the children assisted me in understanding the development of early childhood movement. There is a large difference in the growth of motor development between elementary grades. The knowledge I was able to obtain from observations will prove to be essential as I progress forward to becoming a physical educator
        For the final day, my group (Athletic Alliance) decided to remain in the Special Projects Group and work on the "thank you" collages created by each Cortland student. On the entrance doors to the gymnasium we were asked to organize the collages neatly, so the staff and children have something to remember our experiences. The group decided to continue the Christmas theme by using red and green construction paper. One door consisted of a background in red and the other in green. Behind each collage was either red or green depending on the main color of the background. The project finished nicely and the group was able to join the activities occurring in the gymnasium being led by our fellow peers. As the closing activities arrived the Special Projects Group was placed into the spotlight. I was in charge to lead the closing game as the other group members organized the ending dance.

        Reflecting back on the time spent at St. Mary's I can certainly say I had a positive experience with the children. From lab to lab, I have developed into a better physical educator by learning from any mistakes I committed along the way. Another way I was able to learn was from watching my peers lead games because occasionally the game/s presented was even new to me. St. Mary's has broadened my knowledge and gave me a new perspective on the different approaches to teach activities/games.Once again, I would like to thank the staff and children at St. Mary's for providing me with lifelong memories.

***Click here to view my Lab 6 assessment sheet!

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