Friday, September 16, 2011

St. Mary's Lab 1

Photo from Google Images
        My first lab at St. Mary's was one filled with many observations on the development of elementary students. The observations gave me a good idea on how each student in my group behaves and reacts to his/her surrounding environment. At St. Mary's my time proved to be very beneficial because it provided me with the opportunity to observe what to expect in upcoming visits. I really enjoyed myself playing in the different games and activities with the children, as it gave me the chance to know the age group I was assigned to. These young children look up to the Cortland students as role models and older siblings to play with. So, it is the job of the Cortland students to provide a fun and safe atmosphere, while maintaining the level of professionalism needed at an elementary setting. All of the children at St. Mary's are great students who possess strong characteristics, which will help him/her develop skill sets throughout his/her lifetime. Everyone at St. Mary's representing SUNY Cortland did an excellent job in a professional manner and I am looking forward to working with my fellow peers and the St. Mary's students. Let this semester be a great time for the children to enjoy our presence as all of us try to obtain more knowledge on child development!


  1. Great work Ryan. Way to go getting the form filled out and uploaded. Did you get help or watch any of the How-to videos?

  2. I got the information from visiting your Google website and watching the video on publishing our labs as a Google Doc.