Friday, September 23, 2011

Lab A2

        In Lab A2 the students were given the opportunity to re-teach his/her lesson from Lab A1. For not having any of the supplies to assist with the demonstrations or activities the class did well making the best of what he/she had. I think everyone did a great job and has already made progress in becoming an effective teacher. 

        My reaction on my performance in Lab A2 is definitely more positive than A1. I felt a lot more confident going into the lab and I believe it showed in my teaching. There were many things I improved upon from the first lab and hopefully I continue to make progress throughout the semester. I was able to come into Lab A2 more prepared than the first lab because I had the chance to plan out the lesson. Having the ability to plan it out helped me in all of the areas related to teaching as I knew what was expected of us. My energy was much higher and I seemed to be more enthusiastic in the material I was teaching to my "students". Energy and enthusiasm are important because it certainly helps me project my voice and the tones I used in my voice varied during the lab. Remaining relaxed helped me express clear thoughts to my "students" because they all seemed very understanding of how to engage in the task. Another way being calm helped was it reduced the amount of times I said words like "uh" and "um". The last part I believe I did well on was my hook because I thought it was creative and different for the younger students to remain interested on the class lesson.

        As teachers are aware no lesson will ever be perfectly instructed. While I did many positive things throughout the duration of my lesson there are still negatives, which need improvement. At the beginning of the lesson I should have rearranged the "students" so their backs were to the other class. Now, the "students" were probably less focused on what I had to say and more concentrated on what the other group was doing. Having the students face the wall is a good way to keep all eyes on the teacher. Next, I forgot to mention a safety statement which is vital because students must know to be aware of certain situations. I did remember to follow the acronym DEAD (demonstrate, explain, again demonstrate). The only thing wrong was I forgot to show the demonstration from more than one angle and for most students he/she needs multiple angles to understand correct technique. During my activity I was giving positive feedback, but I should have pinpointed one person who may of had trouble. At the end, instead of asking the whole class to answer how to properly pass a soccer ball I could have purposely asked one individual specifically to give me a cue on the skill.

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